We created 'Une Nuit Nomade' to elegantly awaken your desire to roam from continent to continent, in search of fascinating and breathtaking destinations. 'Une Nuit Nomade' is also an invitation to a motionless journey where each inch of your skin becomes a new frontier, meant to reveal a new fragrance, a new emotion. 

The art of travel is to imagine other lands, to step into the unknown, to leave your homeland in order to return enriched by an invaluable experience. Becoming an olfactory wanderer means sailing toward a new world where old habits are left behind. It means changing perfumes like you change scenery; it means exploring the chemistry of the untamable and being playful with the invisible. It's adopting a philosophy of life, a sense of curiosity, a desire to take on another form and become floral, oriental, citrus, woody, an adventurer or a romantic.

Our quest for a fragrant world is limitless.


The United States, East Coast, near the Big Apple. Take the road for a few hours and discover a rough sea on the horizon. Drive along the coast of Long Island and you're there, at a spot called the Hamptons. This is the End. Imagine a 200-year-old lighthouse with its original 200 steps, looking out over Peaconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a reference point; a guardian against the storms of yesterday and tomorrow. Shining beyond the realm of possibility, where even stars seem out of place. Montauk is a natural peninsula with a story to tell, one of traditional beachfront houses with white wooden walls and open-air terraces. An ideal place to observe the dance of the fishermen.

In 1972, Andy Warhol found himself under Montauk's spell while in search of a hiatus from life. It marked the beginning of 20 years of joy, artistic excitement, and serendipitous encounters. A nod to the past where people like Peter Beard, Lee Radziwill, Jackie O., The Rolling Stones, Truman Capote, Catherine Deneuve, John Lennon, Paul Morrissey, Mohammed Ali, Halston, and Elia Kazan intersected and collided. More recently, it was featured in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', along with the love poems of Michel Gondry.

Today, Montauk enlivens famous artists, surfers, navigators and gypsetters as much as the anonymous lovers of nature and fresh air. It is extraordinary in its simplicity. 

'Une Nuit à Montauk' is a recollection, in perfume form, of slightly wild nostalgia, savage nature that remains intact, and East Coast Chic.


'We arrived in Oman, a fertile country sprinkled with streams and planted with trees, orchards, and palm groves, producing many fruits of various kinds,' the famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta wrote in the 14th century.

Oman – pearl of the Arabian Peninsula. Fragment of A Thousand and One Nights, surrounded by the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

There are as many landscapes in the heart of the Sultanate of Oman as there are stories that begin with 'Once upon a time…'

Once upon a time there was a sailor named Sinbad, who vividly described his seafaring and how forts and spice trade centers from Zanzibar to Mogadishu were erected. There was the Queen of Sheba, whose kingdom was established in the remains of Sumhuram. And the lost city of Ubar, known as the Atlantis of the Sands. And Marco Polo who, upon arriving in the Land of Oman declared: 'I have discovered paradise'.

A Paradise of the Senses

To travel across Oman is to marvel at a landscape that changes from moment to moment. There is the deafening silence of the red sand dunes of Wahiba, where the impression of loneliness is faded only by the echo of sand lifted by the wind. The cascades of emerald greenery omnipresent at Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain), where nature explodes as it is rocked by the sun and irrigated by an old system of falajs (water channels dug into the ground). The golden hues of the citadel of Nizwa, which resemble a huge sandcastle when viewed at sunset. In the Valley of Dhofar, the desert produces its own gold in the form of incense pebbles. Turquoise comes alive in the coastal waters where fisherman perfect their hooks and dolphins playfully hunt.

This is simply magical. Magical such as 'Une Nuit à Oman'.


The Night. One Night. One Night in Bali. It evokes the escape, the journey, the silence, the heat, the moments suspended in time.

Bali, island of flowers. A few kilometers away from Java and a few degrees below the Equator, Bali blossoms under the petulant gaze of the Agung, a still active volcano. The island is the first key to sinking body and soul into incredible Indonesia.

Bali is a destination rich in sensations. Imagine a magical afternoon in the hands of a famous Balian healer, an ylang-ylang flower so tantalizing that it shakes you to the core, a starry night filled with the scent of jasmine... The wonder is permanent here, in places like the unescapable Tanah Lot temple, a Hindu island nestled in the heart of the ocean and stirred by the winds.

Bali is a succession of emotions both strong and freeing. Everything here is generosity, spirituality and authenticity.If traveling with style and simplicity is a philosophy, Bali is a necessary stop.